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Commercial Cheese Graters is now offering commercial cheese graters, meat grinders, and food processors. Please contact us for purchasing and delivery info.


Technical Data
Power: 800 - Hp 1,2 Watt
Power Source: 230-400V/50Hz
Hourly Production: 200 Kg/h
Standard Plate: 4,5 mm
Dimensions: 300x620 h.565 mm
Weight: 28 Kg

Model: Grater STG 22E

Manufactured for the most up to date needs of commercial kitchens, hotels, restaurants, bakeries, and pizza makers. With built-in cheese-bread grater. Also suitable for the preparation of meat sauce and hamburgers and similars. The biggest output in cheese grating.

Price: US $2,500

Protection Plate on Grater, Push Button Controls with Reverse


Model: HP1.5 / HP2 / HP4 - Electric Cheese Grater

The HP series of cheese graters utilize the latest technology in restaurant equipment, with a painted bases and polished stainless steel housings for easy cleaning and optimum safety. Aluminim head and stainless steel drum completely removable without tools for an easy cleaning and a perfect sanification.

Motors of model HP2 and HP4 are self-cooled for a high performance on continuous use. Stainless steel sieve available for bread grating.



HP 4 Cheese Grater
Price: US $ 5,732

Power: Watt 3000 - Hp 4
Source: 230-400V/50Hz
Roller Revolutions: 1400 rpm
Mouth Dimensions: 300x160 mm
Overall Dimensions: 750x640xh1100 mm
Net weight: 65 Kg
Shipping: 840x840x760 mm
Gross weight: 75 Kg

HP 2 Cheese Grater
Price: US $ 2,982

Power: Watt 1500 - Hp 2
Source: 230-400V/50Hz
Roller Revolutions: 1400 rpm
Mouth Dimensions: 190x95 mm
Overall Dimensions: 620x360xh720 mm
Net weight: 34,5 Kg
Shipping: 800x600x520 mm
Gross weight: 39 Kg


HP 1.5 Cheese Grater
Price: US $2,209

Power: watt/Hp 1.100-1,5
Source: 230-400V/50Hz
Roller Revolutions: 1400 rpm
Mouth Dimensions: 140x80 mm
Overall Dimensions: 460x260xh400 mm
Net weight: 27 Kg
Shipping: 660x470x610 mm
Gross weight: 30 Kg


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